I am Darren Edwards

I am an artist, designer, photographer, illustrator and animator with broad experience in computer graphics.  I have developed for include science outreach and education with rich media content, high-end published video games, and video or animated content.  I know multimedia.

My career started as an illustrator and I approach many projects with paper and pencil.  I can draw, paint, sketch digitally, and can scale up to modeling in 3d.  I know the entire adobe line of software including flash, dreamweaver, aftereffects, edge, and bridge.  I have the ability to create media in a number of different ways, not just edit as some designers.

Highlights of my career include images picked by NASA as stock and have been used thousands of times over in publications such as National Geographic, classroom education material for a Princeton evolution class and museum exhibits at the Smithsonian.  Recently I have aided a scientific expedition photograph findings from an Indian war battleground and an Everest climb.  My event photography has ranged from marathons and races, to Burning Man and concerts such as Coachella.  My animations have been used by the Chicago Bulls scoreboard, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Houston Planatarium.