00-03 Coachella concert promotion VRation
Models, textures and animation
04-28 Jeff Wisniewski personal project
Asset creation, previz, motion capture stage creation
28-50 Lost short animation Montana State University
Wrote, directed, model, animation
50-:58 Yellowstone extremophiles Houston Planetarium
Created and animated bacteria
58-1:03 Primitive earth ocean MSU Astrobiology Lab
Modeled and animated
1:03-1:12 Conrad Anker video opening Everest Education Expedition
Photography, graphics, and 2d animation
1:12-1:19 Typographical animation Astrobiology institute
Typography, editing, and animation
1:20-1:24 Water softening treatment Burbank lawn and chemical
Photography, graphics and 2d animation
1:25-1:31 Lunchroom Manners Short animation
Wrote, directed, model, animation
1:31-1:43 Eat like Kings animated short
Wrote, directed, model, animation
1:42-1:45 Intestinal giardia, Montana Water Center
Model, animation
1:45-1:51 Banking shark
Model animation