Fractor Technologies

Fractor logo of a lower case 'f' incorporated with an infinity mobius.  This logo exemplified the concept of infinite curves and the math of locating pre-existing calculations for laser electronics, temperature control and even cruise control.

Fair Winds

An app splash screen for a physics based pirate game built with existing game models and photocomposits.

Big Sky VR

Virtual reality company that built apps for Coachella and Burning man has roots in Montana as well as a production office.

Pasttree, Inc

Logo for video game company that was a culmination of ideas of the original founder.

Physical Design

Glass Table

Most of my furniture design has been glass etched or airbrush lit tables.

Wavelength Temperature Controllers/ Laser Diode Drivers

Cover design with branding and functionality of laser electronics components.

Gem Gallery advertisements

Full page ads for statewide winter advertising campaign featuring white gold and Yogo Sapphires.

Cd and DVD J-Cards

Music cd insert photography and design