Multi-disciplined graphic artist and with a wide range of experience at every level of design production and management, experienced in
overseeing large teams of artists to fulfill projects on time and under budget.  Task and detail oriented, capable of tracking and juggling
deadlines, requirements, and delivery.


Big Sky Vr
Bozeman, Mt
September 2014-Present

-Built loopable object animations for cyclable interfaced objects.
-Created installation plans and illustrations for real world installation assembly
-Created animated event promotions.
-Photographed and 3d modeled on site event assets


Jeff Wisneiwski
Set design/ghost artist
Belgrade, Mt
April 2015-September 2015

-Created digital fine art prints for fine art gallary display and sale.
-Rebuilt existing objects and sets in 3d for animation.
-Built virtual sets for motion capture.

BPM Games
Artist and Co-Founder
August 2013-September 2014

-Oversaw look, feel and development of prototype video game.
-Built low polygon models of key game assets and secondary tools.
-Problem solved objects and functionality with programmers.
-Assisted in efforts for developing a business plan and fundraising.


MSU Extended University
Interactive Media Specialist
May 2009-May 2013

-Built online educational software concerning Everest climbs, Yellowstone
Extremophiles, Algal Biofuels and more.
-Photographed environments that have been repurposed by many sources
such as National Geographic online, NASA, and the Smithsonian.
-Videographer and Animator for many high production digital projects.
-Created content for award winning educational print media.
-Animated extreme life forms that have been used by several Universities
and Museums

Wavelength Electronics
October 2003-April 2009

-Designed physical and graphical appearance of many products.
-Product photographer for print, web and large format advertisement.
-Maintained web page graphics and online marketing.

High Voltage Software
March 2000-August 2001

-3d modeling, texture, and animation.
-Environment, effects, and character artist for Hunter:The Reckoning, Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy, Badge of Valor, Universal Studios Monsters: Dracula, Lilo and Stitch: Experiment 626 and NBA Jam 2001.
-Created scoreboard animations for the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Rush arena football.

Pasttree Inc

Lead Designer
October 1998-Feb 200o

-Led team of artist, designers, animators, audio  technicians, and musicians
-Oversaw entire look and feel for multiple independent video games.
-Created character, building, and unit assets for games.


Colorado Institute of Art - Associates of Applied Science in Visual Communications 1996

Montana State University - Bachelor of Fine Arts with emphasis on painting and computer graphics 2003